Clients' account

Clients' account for companies operating with clients’ funds (brokers, independent professional lawyers, corporate service providers etc.)
Clients' accounts in USD, EUR
Clients' accounts in IBAN format
Clients’ accounts for residents of all EU Member States, Iceland, Norway and Lichtenstein
Reference letters, certificates on account’s affairs, reports for auditors
"Pi-Online" Web-interface or "WWPi Mobile Office" enabling access to clients’ account and payments initiation
Wise Wolves Finance Limited is supervised and regulated by CySEC, Licence №337/17, registration №361580 and is a member of Investor Compensation Funds (ICF). Wise Wolves Capital (EU) Limited is supervised and regulated by CySEC, Licence №186/196, registration №360935. Wise Wolves Payment Institution Limited is regulated by Central Bank of Cyprus, Licence, registration №375477
Customer Support
Wise Wolves Payment Institution Limited aims to offer to its customers payment services of a highest standards meeting our customers’ needs. We realise that sometimes our services or products might not meet your expectations despite our best intentions. Please consider to contact our Customer Support Team for help or clarifications you may need.
Fee Information
Fee Information Document (applies to accounts of physical persons only) contains fees for the most representative services related to the payment account. Сomplete pre-contractual and contractual information on all the services is provided in other documents. You may contact us for details.